Looking for bay area locations!

Interested in becoming an Independent Site Account Manager for BlastAround?  Be your own boss -- work few hours -- wait for checks to roll in?

We are on the hunt for 7 or 8 great bay area locations (lots of traffic, lots of walkable outdoor spaces, lots of people...) to trial our new mobile gaming concepts.  If you are engaged in the commercial leasing market, we'd love to hear from you!

Upon completion of a lease agreement, you can expect to earn up to $10,000 per month per location (depending on profitability metrics) for as long as the lease remains active and the site remains open for Blastaround business.  To qualify for the monthly payment on each location, you have to do much of the negotiating work (we are still a very small company!), lease has to be signed, and our venue has to be open for business... so a few obvious hurdles.  But once each location is open, it's easy money for you!

Please call (800) 965-5179, or get in touch on our Contact Us page, if interested!

Adobe convention

July, 2017:

Blastaround is excited to provide our mobile rideable gaming venue for Adobe's hugely popular Family Days Event!  We anticipate more than 1,000 gamer/ridesters of every possible age to attempt our awesome new rideable gaming concept called "ChompChase"...  This interactive game merges our crazy-fun electric scooters, which are outfitted with animal/character themes, with wireless bluetooth and web-enabled obstacle course pucks and our ridergear mobile scooter gaming interfaces to create a funny sounds/blinky syncing lights/dynamic speed chomping experience that gets faster as riders gain more points!  It should be a huge blast!

IDEO Employee day

June 2017:

Blastaround was honored to help make Ideo's June Employee Day a hit with some of our popular crazy-fun electric scooters; employees were able to hop on and ride around (and near) their campus -- racing out to nearby stores and other attractions -- eliciting lots of amazed stares and laughter.  It was a huge amount of fun.

Some Other Recent Events: